Friday, July 08, 2011

day 49
Friday Cinema 

Grade C-  Let's just say it's not one of those movies where you're sitting there saying to yourself, "Why did I drink this giant diet Coke? Now I have to go to the bathroom. No, Christ no! I don't want to miss anything. ..."

Go to the bathroom. It's not that kind of movie. 

Quick and dirty. I did not set out to see the movie Horrible Bosses. I purchased the ticket after realizing Super 8 had left last night and outright dismissing Larry Crowne for its spit tepid reviews. In essence, My hands were tied. Besides, I thought to myself, "Wow! I love Kevin Spacey; Colin Farrell is talented and Justin Bateman cute. Plus, cameos by Donald Sutherland and Jamie Foxx? How could this go wrong?

Well, pack a movie with lots of unused talent, stuff in a few weak jokes, add in high pitched screaming and goofball antics, that's how. From the start, the premise trips up the film badly. Three friends are being abused by their bosses (one of the honchos is Jennifer Aniston) so  they decide to kill the bosses? Really, they do?

Aided by their GPS live tracker, they take a ride to the stereotypical ghetto looking for a hit man. There they meet ex-con Jamie Foxx who takes their money and instead acts as a self-appointed ad hoc consultant.

There are some very funny moments. They include when the trio runs into a old school mate and former wall street broker who has been unemployed for two years and now hustles handjobs in local bars, and the discovery that Foxx did not serve time for murder but for secretly recording artsy first run movies in theaters and then selling the bootleg CDs. 

That being said, it becomes repetitive quickly, stalls, and goes flat in sections. Lots of old jokes here--mistaking a fat office worker for pregnant for example. In addition, the bosses are way over the top which I assume is meant to clarify why they need to die.  Colin Farrell is a loud hyper coke head; Spacey is evil incarnate and Jennifer Aniston plays a dentist with an extreme sexually harassing predatory personality.  (I couldn't help but think she was trying to prove something there to Brad Pitt, Angelina and everyone who reads People Magazine.)

Hold onto your wallet.  Wait for it to come to cable. Then, when you're sick in bed with one of those colds that makes your head feel like plucked cotton, watch it while dozing.

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CARLA said...

Saw the previews for this one and immediately said to myself NOT! Plus I am not a Jennifer Aniston fan at all! Summer movies are somewhat bland and boring. However the children flicks are good. Saw Panda Two funny and better than the first. Mr Poppers Penguins cute but dont waste your money . My kids were bored. Jim Carrey saved it though. Super 8 the kids loved this one. I thought it was ok. Wait for the DVD which I am sure will be out in no time!

JP said...

I saw this film recently because the reviews were so good. Critics seem to really like this film. But I couldn't see why. It was OK as an amusing revenge comedy about people in boring jobs with some funny stuff but nothing really more than that.
Just a lot of very stupid and absurd situations.

For insight into films worth seeing check out my movie blog below and let me know what you think. I blog about once a week.

Wanda Fleming said...
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Wanda Fleming said...

Wanda Fleming said...
I heard Panda Two was spectacular, very funny! I am not a huge Aniston fan. Though I have all the Friends seasons on tape, Monica (Courtney Cox) was a much better and funnier character, smarter too.

I really enjoyed the indy film The GOOD GIRL where Aniston stretched herself a bit, and the one where she played the toking housekeeper maid was okay. But she is really a marginal talent at best and is doing the same routine over and over again. She is either sort of a mumbling, blase can't get it together character or silly. She was neither here really, but this role was just too over the top for me, not funny lewd-stupid, predatory encroaching lewd and though I got it, I just did not find her to be funny. The script also used the same stale banana jokes etc. See YOU at the movies Ebert!

Wanda Fleming said...

Thanks JP..I will follow it.

Check out my comments on HOT COFFEE! Have you seen?

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