Thursday, July 14, 2011

day 55
Thursday Home Front by the Numbers

Ashley age 11, Photo by Lily Gasperetti

Number of children asking, "What's for dinner?": 2
Number of shoes left in the front room from the previous day:  3.... 3??
Number of sit down meals prepared: one, dinner
Number of animals skulking around the kitchen annoyed because  it's dry food day not Fancy Feast day: one--Ashley
Number of solicitors knocking on the door bringing Jesus or asking for money: 3 (2 Jehovahs; 1 energy conservationist )
Number of treadmill miles logged: 2.75
River Girls Meant to Bee Honey Soap
Number of photos shot for River Girls Soap: 74
Number of heart to heart conversation had: one
Number of ice cubes in the freezer: 0
Number of minutes before Midnight: 2

Good night,

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