Thursday, July 07, 2011

day 48
The Girl of Summer

Photograph by Etsy Artist --Beach Me. Click Here!  
The night Lily was born, we joked that she was our IRS Christmas gift. Arriving three weeks early on December 27, 1996, she made it under the year end deadline for the tax deduction. From the beginning, however, she brought a decidely non-financial gift to our home, an extraordinary eye that saw what no one else saw, a heart that always worked in tandem with that vision. 

Lily is the person who takes the temperature of a room. She knows how you feel by catching your eye. From an early age, she knew that her brother was an insulin dependent diabetic and at five had the sensibility to run downstairs and find me to say, "Phillip is shaking. He's sick, he's sick!" She is the person who "saw" what I was clouded by and shook it from me. She saw that she could skip freshman year algebra and tackle geometry, even if it would be insufferably difficult, that she could prevail, and she did.  

These past years, that seeing has manifested itself as a love for photography, and this year, after completing a course at Georgetown Day School, she is placing her eye to the world and snapping. Her first July montage features the Nationals at home, as they course through their best season ever. I did say this girl's got mad style. Didn't I?

I love you like crazy Lily.  ;-)

Good Night,

All rights reserved. Please do not copy without permission. Photos by Lily Gasperetti. Copy by Wanda Fleming, 2011


BluMoon said...

Hello Wanda, I saw your note on LinkedIn I thought it would be nice to follow you I really enjoyed reading about you, I hope you will do the same. We had exactly the same amount of followers lol.
All the best

CARLA said...

Love the Nat's shots and article Wanda. Shared with the boys! Go Lily. Great job!!

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