Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pigskin Pleasure
day 68

Things Worth Living for

Real Chocolate Cake with Thick Gooey Frosting
Halloween Night...still even Now
The House to Yourself 
A Really Really good Book
A Double Feature at an Old Art House Cinema
Love Letters
Walking the Beach before the Crowds Arrive
And the Return of the NFL...

To say I love football is like saying a fat boy loves cake. Please do not ask me to explain. I cannot  invite you to a chair, pour coca cola with ice, and regale you with childhood stories. 
The author headed to a game
they won against Denver 2009

Suffice it to say I have three brothers and a Dad. They taught me everything I know about football, and now my head is a veritable vault of pigskin overtimes and memorabilia  Oddly enough, I also attended an all girls high school run by cloister nuns. Their Sunday past time after Mass was watching the Redskins, and praying for them and watching them some more.

Washington v. Denver.
We put the Crush on Orange Crush
This year my team  is expected to be the worst in the NFL, not their division, but the entire League. Yet I don't care. I'm marking the days on my calendar. I am giddy with hope. Despite the odds, I have convinced myself, as I so insanely do each year that my team has a shot! It's going to be all Cinderella, all the time.  The princess meets the pigskin, and they live happily ever after.

Go Skins ;-) x 100
Good night,
Wanda Eve ;-) 


Carolyn said...

Thank you for posting this list! I always feel like such a terrible person, but I love when my husband goes on business trips and I have the whole house to myself.

Wanda Fleming of River Girls Soap said...


..and then wait til you have babies....that's when getting the house to yourself gets supremely decadent. ;-)

Gerard said...

you definitely had something to do with Haynsworth going to the Patriots! rolf!!!! Maling life as hard as you can on me and REX!

Lets start our contentious wonderful football season relationship off on the right FOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great article! I fantasize that my wife is a die hard pigskin fan!

Bring it on. Hope springs eternal even for you pathetic Redskin fans. I admire your loyalty. A true fanatic

Wanda Fleming of River Girls Soap said...

Haha. Okay Mr. McCabe, settle down up there. We all can't live the fabulous luxurious life of Rex-o-philes.... ;-)

Good grief. Yes, yes! I awoke to the fabulous news of Albert being shipped off to the cold Northeast. As Dean Warmer said in Animal House, "Fat, lazy and stupid is no way to go through life, Son..." So long Albert. Don't let the door hit you where the good lord split you!

Go Skins (.tick tock and away we go.. lol)

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