Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Amazing Face
day 67

Today was Amazing Face day! The mother of a long time customer fell in love with the River Girls cream when her daughter gave it to her as a Hanukkah gift. Now, she was calling for several jars. 

The recipe was launched nine years ago when a Washington DC firefighter, the husband of a loyal customer, called.  He wanted to know what I could make for his face: aging, dry and in the forefront of battling fires.

Months later, Tah Dah! River Girls Amazing Face was born. It's a lavender essential oil cream rich with cooling rose hydrosol, and moisturizing shea butter, and apricot and almond oils. I whip it to a peaked meringue and pour into two ounce jars.  This product is 98% natural, capable of helping you fight your own daily fires, and so gentle you'll exclaim, "Oooooooooohhhh good."
Good Night Guys and Dolls :-)

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