Sunday, July 10, 2011

day 51 ~ 
Sunday Artisan Montage

Come to the Pink House For Tea
Not too far from the River Girls Studio wind Georgetown's historic streets, many with narrow townhouses in pale pretty yellow and other pastel hues. I think if I were to throw a tea party. I would tell you, "Let's meet at the pink house. Please don't be late. Dress up, wear baubles, blow cake. We are going to have the most dizzying fun ever."
Featured here are the fine handmade works of ETSY artisans (click on the links):
Photograph of  Cup of Raspberries
The Vintage 1950s Party Dress in Pale Lilac
Fine Art Photograph of Pale Pink Flower in Cup
Pink House Painting by Michael Joe Moore
Photograph of Bubble Blowing Girl in Floral Head Wreath
Hand Dyed Silk Felted Scarf
Hummingbird and Eggs with Nest Necklace
Handmade Journal with Key
Earl Grey White Honey Vanilla Cream Cake...Yum...

Want to be featured? Each artisan suggested is carefully considered. A handful are selected each week. I attempt to include at least one who is looking for his or first sales! ;-)  Follow River Girls Studio 365 and drop me a word, hummingbirds!

Good Night, Dream Sweet!


monography said...

Thank you so much for including my Cup of Berries in your lovely selection :) Wonderful picks! :)

A Cup of Sparkle said...

Thank you very much for featuring my purple hummingbird nest. I loved all your selections.

Designed By Dee said...

Well said!

Melody said...

Lovely finds, and a super fun idea. Now I want to have a tea-party :)

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