Sunday, July 03, 2011

day 44
Loved and Found

Resolute Red
The thing about red is that it doesn't care a whit about season, temperature or rules. It can come at you in a splash, a dot or an undulating swath. Winter, spring, summer or fall.  It just says "Hello is this seat taken?", then takes it. How long you take to respond is entirely up to you. 

On the Scene ...
Love the goods? Follow the links for more information or to purchase!

Bracelet Cuff by Release Me Creations
Snowy Leaves Earrings by ZIEHL
Mustard Yellow Pottery Bowl by BBAtelier
Red Leather Journal by Bind Me
Polka Dot Napkins by ME2Designs
In Your Arms Card by Red Letter Paper Company
Chalkboard LOVE Heart by Serendipitous Sisters

Have a sparkly July 4th Eve!

Copyright Wanda Fleming, 2011


ME2Designs said...

I love red!!! A happy sparkly July 4th Eve to you as well, Wanda! Thanks so much for including my red & white polka dot napkins :D

Wanda Fleming said...

My pleasure. They're soooo pretty!

River Girls

RMC said...

Oh my goodness...thank you so much for featuring my little cuff! I too love the contrast that a little red can bring :) Wonderful post, wonderful blog...wonderful you!

Vicki said...

Love the red!!! The day planner is so inviting...can feel the secrets that could be kept. Romantic blog! Love it...

Wanda Fleming said...

Thanks Vicki! I love RED!

Release Me..I adore your store and the cuffs are beautiful. I am a big TS Eliot fan so that also caught my eye. Happy Sales to u!

Wanda Fleming
River Girls Studio

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