Sunday, September 04, 2011

Sunday Montage: ETSY Loved and Found
day 107
The Wonderful Warmth of Brown

Brown is not just for chocolate. Conceded---Chocolate is life, elixir, and sneaky wonderful fun. But this is more about the warm striking nature of brown, the reach out and pull you in of brown. That brown is elegance meets simplicity and gorgeous meets serene. It's earth after rain, the tan after sun and okay, okay the yum after the melt of chocolate on your hot happy tongue. (love these? See links below!)

love us?...find us here:
stunning flower and brass cameo cuff
pretty brown child angel art print
tiger eye beads dragonfly bracelet
custom wedding dress and sheer shrug
smoky topaz cluster bracelet
1950s vintage purse mock bamboo handle
devotional reflections journal
candy leaves cake decoration
tangerine orange brown swing dress
sky above boarding school attic photo
brown eyed girl painting
hourglass organic multi-use dress

Wanda Eve


Peacock Tres Chic said...

Gorgeous. These colors are one of the reasons fall is my favorite season.

Thanks so much for including me =)


P said...


Miss Val's Creations said...

Great dedication to the fabulous color brown! It goes with everything! That wedding dress is stunning.