Thursday, August 09, 2012

I am Back ...Sort of!

River Girls Love Boxes
Lunch with Daddy. Happy ;-)
As many of you know, my dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer exactly a year ago. At the time we were told that it would not be surprising if he died within months but guess what? He's alive and doing very well. Despite the grueling maintenance chemo regimen, he has had very mild side effects and is still tending his large organic garden, reading his newspapers and keeping up with sports and politics. Go Nationals! Go Redskins! So far we have been able to shrink his tumors or keep them asymptomatic and non-growing. My sister and I are very grateful for all the kind thoughts and good wishes so many of you have extended.
Peace Doves by River Girls Soap
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Meanwhile I have been making and testing lots of new fragrance blends for autumn. I have rebuilt my website and still have a little ETSY store.

Beginning next week, I will return to presenting a "favorite things" collage  (River Girls Loves It!) but rather than weekly --the feature will appear monthly. Many of the selected items will be plucked from ESTY. Others will come from my travels through and around the internet. As always, there will be an emphasis on the creative artisan product--pretty and unusual. Please find this new feature on our River Girls Soap and Bath website under the new tab Loved & Found. And follow us on new Twitter!    

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