Tuesday, June 21, 2011

day 32
Massive Demonstrations Break Out, Act 2!
(Let them suds up in apricot seeds and oats!! )

I believe the expression is Bombs Away Baby! Today, I was finally able to download and futz around with my demonstration videos on our Apricot Baby Oats Soap. Originally shot in May, these are a series of three very short videos addressing the issue of additives sinking to the bottom of soap molds. 

River Girls Apricot Baby Oats is the facial bar in our palette of 30 bars and has been taking top honors on the menu for nine years. It is soft, gentle and beautifully effective with its tiny exfoliating seeds. Most customers who purchase it become loyal fans, stocking up to the rafters and splurging its use on their elbows, shoulders and knees too!

This was the second "River Girls Technique Tuesday" video. The first featured double color pouring on May 26. See you next time!


Copyright, Wanda Fleming 2011

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Dita Maulani said...

the bombs looks smooth! i want to try them out. thank you for sharing the demonstration!


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