Wednesday, June 15, 2011

day 26
Rooting for the Kill

River Girls Gladiator Row Soap ~The Perfect Soap
when you're going for the big win! 

The game announcer screams, “See Youuuuuuu Later!” every time a Washington Nationals batter hits a homerun. And tonight, that’s a wild blue luscious streak of see you laters. By the ninth inning it’s 10-0. Michael Morse has swiveled his torso into two home runs, and Pitcher Livan Hernadez is striking out each forlorn victim as he scuffs up to the plate. All the while, Hernandez is chewing a wad of red bubble gum so big and juicy, I can almost smell the cherry berry flavor. 

His final pitches go out. He strikes out two and sends the third to a pop up out. That’s it. The end.

I am dancing around in my bare feet shouting, “See youuuuuu later!!!!”

Sometimes it’s not enough to win. Sometimes your heart wants it big, really big and bad, an all out massacre.

That's the 10 to 0.

Good night,  ;-)

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