Wednesday, June 22, 2011

day 33
Duly Noted

1.   There’s Nothing Chinese about the Chinatown Starbucks. Duh!
I went to the Chinatown Starbucks today and was surprised to discover it has nothing to do with Chinese culture or heritage despite being smack in the middle of historic Chinatown. There were no authentic Chinese herbal teas or Chinese sweet almond cookies. Nothing even remotely cliché to at least honor the fact that it’s taking up 25% of a block in DC's tiny Chinatown. Instead, they were playing salsa music, followed by country and then French love songs. 

The gentleman sitting next to me was speaking Dutch on his cell phone, until he asked me in English if he could "borrow' my Washington Post. The upstairs room where I sat peering out of enormous storybook windows is filled with hard wood French country tables where you can write all day while nursing a cup of their overly strong coffee. Crazy. My country is a jigsaw puzzle. I love it. I do.
River Girls idea of the Moment: Lily, Green Tea and Ginger soap

2.   Lazy is a Four Letter Word.
River Girls Jackass Card
Some people are lazy. Just because you can leave your cafeteria style restaurant tray full of used cutlery and ketchup-smeared napkins on the table for someone else to clean up, why would you? Today I watched a senior citizen wiping down tables. She was removing dirty trays and paper plates in a cavernous room where she alone appeared to be assigned to cleaning up after 200 people. When the trash receptacle is 12 inches from where you're sitting, as is the place to stack your tray, what makes you walk away from your mess? 

The two men sitting next to me today, prattling about the droid that was scheduled to arrive on the market in May and disappointingly failed to do so, did just that. They consumed gargantuan burgers, slathered with cheese and onions, a tray full of fries and king sized drinks, then got up leaving a big mess. I half expected a Charles Schultz Pig Pen fog to follow them out paralyzing me like nerve gas.

River Girls Idea of the Moment: A Mud Scrub Loofah Soap for gardeners and other people who don’t mind getting their hands dirty!

3.    Dear God. Please Don’t Let Me Die Today and Definitely Not on This Ratty Escalator
As the saying goes: “You'll never see an 'Escalator Out of Order' sign, only 'Escalator Temporarily Stairs. Sorry for the convenience.”

Ha! Touche. Well, today I was treated to that convenience at the Washington DC Red Line Tenleytown Metro station. All the escalators were non-operating. One man ahead of me said to his wife, "It’s only 132 stairs, keep walking." She quipped breathlessly, "No, no I heard this one is 232!"

Well, whatever. It was crazzzzy alot and on a steel incline in DC's infamous heat. Since I am writing this, you can assume I prevailed--barely!

River Girls Idea of the Moment:  River Girls Tired Dogs Foot Balm!

See you Tomorrow!


CARLA said...

LOL.Wanda...hilarious..especially the Metro escalator...why oh why is that stop always non functional??....and it always happens ironically on a day when you are dead tired and can't wait to get home! glad you survived:-)!

Wanda Fleming said...

rofl....that baby is a hike and I was dressed up today! A man had a heart attack walking up the Bethesda one last year!

Anonymous said...

What words..

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