Wednesday, June 29, 2011

day 40
After Midnight, Scrabble Goes Rogue

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I am studying for an upcoming Scrabble tournament being held in Bethesda Maryland.  As is usually the case when I am working with words for hours on end, the letters begin to take on a life of their own. The ingredients on juice cartoons and bags of frozen vegetables soon anagram themselves. The oranges on the counter become ONAGERS a true and acceptable word, meaning Asian wild asses.

Soon, I'm on fire anagraming! I start to feel like a born again brainiac, a serious Scrabble avenger, Stephen Hawking in stilettos---until bedtime that is. Then, sleep becomes a landmine. 

I stop dreaming about my father snipping pink peonies in his garden, and my daughter and I baking peanut butter cookies. No, I start dreaming I am in the final game of the big, big match. 

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It's King of the Hill.  I'm competing for prize money. I dive for my letters. A letter in the bag nips my hand, hard enough for me to notice but not enough to cause me to wince. When I look at it, it's a coveted blank. I go back in. Another tile nips. This time it's the X. Life is wonderful! I am beaming! But then suddenly, my opponent appears to be my next door neighbor who teaches Italian Renaissance art  and pronounces the word CHINA like CHINER. She keeps yakking about how hot the room is ("so hawt") and how bad her letters are ("so atrocious").

I escape to the ladies room letting my clock run, and as I wash my hands, a giant Scrabble title with the letter Z embossed on it corners me. "Can I borrow a tampon?" she asks, the bottom line of the Z opening like a mouth. 

Scrabble tiles can talk??!!. 
They get periods??!
They say stupid things like "borrow a tampon??

I awake, heart racing, to my cat licking the crook of my arm. 

You really should never end an evening of Scrabble study dozing off to Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with Johnny Depp prancing around in extreme Kabuki makeup. The combination of these activities does all sorts of things to your head!

Good night ;-)

Copyright Wanda Fleming, 2011


Retro Junction said...

I love your photos! Great blog - thanks for sharing!

Cas said...

lol what an amazing post... wish I could have seen that dream!! :P

Wanda of River Girls 365 said...

I should have worn a different outfit in that dream. It was hot in that room! lol... The Z in the bathroom was wearing white tights..I think it was supposed to be a hotel promotion for the SCRABBLE game. lol

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