Tuesday, June 28, 2011

day 39
Sweet, Soft, Perfectly Polished Me
Today was crazy wonderful. I spent most of it in the Studio completing experiments on a new line of sugar polishes that cleanse and moisture. These create a polished soft skin that smells divine. In clocking "scent stamina," I could detect a gentle aroma on my wrists and arms six hours later.  Now, that should get you through one gorgeous date night with romantic hours to spare.

These cleansing polishes will complement and be additions to River Girls Lovely Limbs Three Sugars Scrub (in Cranberry Brown Sugar scent) which I have been producing for 7 years. Lovely Limbs is a pure sugars and oils blend including Hawaiian turbinado, white and brown sugars with shea butter.

The new River Girls Body Polish utilizes a paraben-free foaming butter packed with our own special blend of sugars cured with vanilla beans. Also incorporated are Macadamia, Shea and Almond nut oils! All leading to a big fat yum but without the calories!

I began working on the line in 2010 but have finally gotten happy with it. The first offering will be a Vanilla Bean and Italian Orange Cream, reflecting the line's emphasis on specialty ice cream and confectionery scents. Available exclusively on ETSY by special order beginning July 15!

Thank you to Lily Gasperetti who helped me plow through the dozens of photos I shot today to select one or two. 

Good night,

Copyright Wanda Fleming, 2011

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