Sunday, June 05, 2011

day 16
I Do Blue

My First Hydrageneas of the DC Season
I love being an Etsy Curator! It gives me a chance to be artistic while indulging my own style. Like the Treasury below entitled BLUE SPRING: This is How We Do It

Lemon Lavender Tea Cake Soap on Blue Portuguese Handpainted Platter
Blue has been my favorite color since I was 7. Not the blue of Mom's jeans, that anemic stone-wash hue. No, this is a palette of unapologetic blues, like cobalt and azure. Like lightening striking and robins' eggs. And never forget the subtle come hither of colonial, Wedgwood 
and Tiffany. This was my Sunday in Blue.

Love something here? Visit the Treasury at Etsy
Wanda ;-)


Emelina Minero said...

You're an Esty Curator? So you compile items together to feature on the site? I've never thought of that. "The ETSY Blue Spring" looks gorgeous. The way the pictures and colors vibe off each other, it looks like art.

Wanda Fleming said...

Hi Emelina (speaking of names...pretty name.. ;-) )

Yes everyone can be one! You only have to make your TREASURY galleries and post them. I love what goes into that, wish I had time to make many more. It's a good way to highlight the artistic work of others. :-)

Emelina Minero said...

That's so cool. :) I've been hearing about Etsy a lot recently, but I haven't looked into yet. It definitely looks like something to investigate further.

And thank you; I was named after my grandmother. :)

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