Sunday, August 21, 2011

Etsy Loved and Found: The Sunday Montage

All Wrapped Up in Red
day 93

When you hear the word RED you may think STOP, for red heralds caution at the traffic light, but Stop for long? Hardly! Not you, because here comes that other red, the red of passion and life-giving blood. The red of blushes and blooming pouts.  The red of velvet boxes spilling of cherry chocolates. It's always Oh So pronounced. There's nothing pallid, wane or hushed here. Red rushes in. (links below for these lovely finds.)

Want your work to be featured in the Sunday montage or daily pages? Drop me a comment or email. Only a handful are selected; point me to your most dazzling items. ;-) 

Bird Art Collage Print
Cherry Quartz Earrings
Red Daisy Card
Chinese Necklace
Trend setting Girl in Vintage Earl Grey coat
Oscar Wilde quote Print. If you are not too long...
Red Glass Vintage Earrings
Red felt and leather Handmade Purse
River Girls Deep Berry & Patchouli Williamsburg Night Soap
Red Handmade Journal

Have a good evening; paint it red.
Wanda Eve
copyright 2011


111collagedesign said...

Hi Wanda. Thanks so much for featuring my red bird collage I'll Fly Away! I really appreciate it. Love your blog :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for featuring my Red Daisy Card....I really appreciate it!

GoingPlaces2 said...

What a beautiful collection and a wonderful way to start the week! Thank you for choosing my Oscar Wilde print to be included:)

JewelryBySS said...

The red collection is lovely!! Thank you so much for including my Red Glass Vintage Earrings. You are too kind!!

Stone & Bone said...

Aloha Wanda, you rock. Mahalo so much for including my Chinese Necklace in your lovely blog feature. You made my day.

Plus I love your blog will follow too. Keep in touch.

xo Pk

Anonymous said...

As a special thanks, I posted a link to your blog post at my blog

Kim AKA RabbitDogPrints said...

What a great idea! I'd love to be considered, let me know what more I need to do. I might be stealing this idea for my own blog as I blog daily( at least that's the goal). Hope you dont mind.

Amanda Boyd said...

just lovely! thank you!

Designed By Dee said...

Nice collection!

Peacock Tres Chic said...

I would love to be featured in a blog post, browse my Etsy shop or blog, you won't be disappointed.