Sunday, August 07, 2011

Etsy Loved and Found

day 79
Blue Beauty

It's true! Blue is a mood, but it's also the night sky before it turns black and the sparkle of cobalt glass. It's the serenity of the Aegean Sea from the parapet of a village church. But mostly it's the craftiest, most versatile hue of all, capable of easing from passionate indigo to gentle azure in the swiftest of eye blinks. What's not to love? (Links for these pretty little ETSY things are found below...)

Pretty Charm Bracelet
Degas Corset
Bluebird Hair Barette
Dragonfly Jewel Cuff
River Girls Botanical Gel in Decadent Scents
Pretty Starfish Cookies
Cobalt Pottery Tumblers
Midnight Blue Gown
"I Love You Even When You Steal All the Covers" Card

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Good night,
Wanda Eve


Page Clothier/A Velvet Leaf said...

Love both these dresses and the dragonfly bracelet- fabulous!

mysticwynd said...

What an amazing group of beautiful blues! Of course who can argue with a color that nature has chosen to cover most of the planet from skies to seas! It's always been one of my favorites, and I'm truly honored to have my bracelet included in such awesome company! Thank you so much for sharing these pieces with us! (I'm loving them all, but that gown is gorgeous!)

MysticWynd on Etsy
Mystic Wynd

Elizabeth said...

Absolutely love these blues!! Great job! I would love to be considered:

Have a great day!!