Friday, August 19, 2011

The Kindness of Schedules and Brownies!

River Girls Apricot Wildflower Soap
Feed Me.
day 91

During the past two weeks of Dad's illness, I have been spending several hours a day at the hospital. The sudden  topsy-turvyness of this has taken me out of my Studio where happy hours slip by as I pour soap, whip cream and design pretty stamped cards. Meanwhile, the kitchen has remained dimly lit and clean. The clockwork River Road life where I have a healthy dinner on the table at 6 pm has been challenged ruthlessly. Fast food meet my family. 

River Girls "Happy Birthday 'Dahling' " Card
in Autumn Poppy. Here, step one drying in the Studio ...
Cards Coming Soon to Etsy!
Today, however, I was able to arise early and sneak into the Studio to produce a batch of Apricot Wildflower Soap and to begin stamping the new Poppy Orange version of River Girls best selling Audrey Hepburn Birthday Card! In times of great stress, artistic work is a small mercy.

 After spending the afternoon with Dad, I made garlic bread and a crusty broiled herbal salmon with sliced canteloupe and watermelon.

So imagine my surprise --in the midst of cooking--to a find a box awaiting me. At first I thought it was simply Studio supplies, and I set it on the table along with the other mail piling up.  But guess again.  Inside were beautifully layered caramel chocolate brownies, lots and lots of them.  

I am not a big shopper; I don't want tons of trinkets and room space I'll never need and have to clean. Sometimes, all I want is a good night's sleep, to rest under a skylight lit by stars, the sound and smell of the ocean, and brownies--- oh yes...really good brownies. Thanks to Kathleen my internet college friend for surprising me, and for thinking of us. We are eating them tonight with unabashed abandon. ;-)

Goodnight Friends,

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