Tuesday, August 09, 2011

A Pretty Box for River Girls Italian Orange Chocolate Mocha Soaps...

day 81

Of the 30 soaps I pour each month, Meant to Bee  and the Italian Orange Chocolate Mocha cup soaps are by far the most detailed and demanding. Each is a two layer, two color pour but both are rife with possibility for error. The molds have deep small wells that the soap pourer must be certain not to overpour.  The slighest misstep or bump and out come the paper towels to rescue.

Today, I received requests for both and for special birthday gifts. I purchased a series of pretty polka frosted containers that resemble Chinese takeout containers. Depending upon how you position the bars, these containers hold two to three of River Girls' specialty bars. Include colorful tissue paper and a fabulous bow. 

Pretty, pretty good.

Good night friends,
Wanda Eve

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Elizabeth said...

I love these containers! Great choice!!