Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back on That Winding Road Through College

Day 96
Daddy & Phillip, circa maybe 1995
Phillip leaves tomorrow for his sophomore year in college and as a participant in the University of Pittsburgh Early Medical School Admit Program. All I can say is, where did the summer go?! He arrived home in April, but it feels like he was here for two weeks. This morning, he ran to the grocery store for me, bought raspberries, chicken breasts and celery for a special lunch I was making and taking to Dad at the hospital. After shopping, he walked to Friendship Heights for his school blood tests, then showered and accompanied me to the hospital.  

I will miss his incredible energy and constant ability to step to the plate in crisis. I will miss that he doesn't care what kind of work he is doing.  Be it counseling 5 year olds, scooping ice cream or jumping from a truck, and mowing lawns in 100 degree heat, he rarely complains. I will miss his ridiculous jokes and huge noise, his asking for advice, his growing astute read of others and a willingness to let others be themselves. I think he will make a fine physician. 

Now chuckle. Go ahead. What I probably won't miss is my water and electric bills jumping 30%, my groceries disappearing two days after a full shop, my repeating myself  and him always managing to find the one last sweet I have secretly stashed for later--be it a bakery raisin bagel or a piece of caramel chocolate.  

Still we are a kick ass duo, and even though he now towers over me and let's me rest my head on his shoulder without flinching, I get to be the boss. Bye Phillip. You are always in my HEART! Keep knocking 'em dead ;-)

Be good friends, ;-),

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