Sunday, August 14, 2011

ETSY Loved and Found

Sunday Montage

A Gush of Royal Hues

day 86

Deep Blue & Purple are royal even when gracing something as humble as violet bubble gum. Each hue says, "Look at me if you dare." And mostly you can't help yourself, so help yourself to these slices of grandeur. Funny thing is though, the swath between deep blue and purple can be as whisper soft as pale periwinkle or as lush as a heap of museum jewels. As always, yours for the picking. (see links below)

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white and purple flower pillow
purple and red leaf necklace
river girls juicy blackberry sage soap
handmade stitched journal
launch into autumn crocheted hat
pretty vintage '50s dress
raw violet necklace
pointed flower art print

good night
sleep tight
Wanda ;-)


Christine said...

What a gorgeous collection! I'm so flattered that you chose to include my journal. :D

Dita Maulani said...

The Sage Soap is lovely~!
Following your blog now :)


bobBEEzbyerin said...

Great finds, thank you for including my crochet hat. I'm now following!!

Simply Made By Erin said...

Sorry, my last comment went through on my old blogger profile.

Thank you for including my crochet hat, these are lovely finds.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for including my ring pillow in your beautiful selection! I just love all the hues.

PatsyOx said...

Your collection of blue and purple is gorgeous. Thanks for showing my leaf pendant!

Really enjoyed reading your blog. Hope your dad recovers nicely!