Friday, August 26, 2011

Scrabble Babble

Scrabble Eighty Sixed
day 98

My  weekend SCRABBLE trip to Dover, Delaware has been quashed. All this meteorological tomfoolery--argh, bah, snark.

Pretty Pink Table for Scrabblers Like Me ;-)
The threat of IRENE barreling up the highway has closed many of the East Coast casinos including Atlantic City and Dover. Dover is where I had the best Scrabble time ever last August, including coming first in the Novice Division, 14-4.  

So for this trip --for good luck and out of sheer necessity--I even bought new sundresses for the outing, and anyone who knows me intimately knows how much I despise clothes shopping. Lingerie shopping? Love it, definitely. If I could own 3000 brassieres in different colors laces and patterns I would. China bowls and dishes shopping? Fantastic! Charm bracelets, necklaces and pretty papers-- art stamps and pens? Yum. But clothes? Please. Get near naked in some creepy little room with mirrors and never quite white walls? Get dressed with zippers, tags and security plastics jabbing and stabbing you in the eye and body? Unzip, take off. Get near naked again. Suck your belly in. Wonder why sucking your belly in isn't doing what it's supposed to. Ha! Take it. You can have it.

The good news, however, is that Filenes was dead empty and giving away the store so I succumbed and zipped down the aisle, plucking a pretty yellow and white linen dress with grosgrain yellow belt, a  pink red cotton maxi and two demure sweaters in black and deep violet. 

Now, all I want to do is show off. Not my clothes! My newly, freshly learned words. Words that will spill out of my head and disappear if I don't flip my cards each night between brushing my teeth. So I tiptoe into sleep dreaming about fat seven letter words like bighead, zorilla and araneid.

sleep tight friends,

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Elizabeth said...

I love scrabble but haven't played in several years. Keeps the mind sharp!!