Monday, August 29, 2011

Stupid Storm Tricks

From the Vault of Things I Do Not Understand
day 101

Some days I think, "Yep, as they go, I am a pretty smart cookie."

It's not just the lovely education my parents worked diligently to encourage, one orchestrated by nuns fluent in Latin and hard knocks attitude, an up north college education in Maine and then two grueling years at the Kennedy School. I have an obsessive brain and frankly, I simply like to know things. So it always gives me pause and concern when I don't get something seemingly

Hurricane Coverage, especially the part when a reporter dressed in LL Bean thigh high fishing boots stands in the middle of 65 mph gale force winds and three feet of water and announces, "As you can see, it's now beginning to rain very hard here!"

I know networks feel as though they have to "one up" each other, but honestly it's annoying and reckless. Perceived public appetite for these YOU ARE THERE! scenarios is overrated. A camera on practically every American street corner is sufficient enough for me to "get it." That guy's house is streaming down the street, that lamp post is wobbling.  That Dunkin Donuts is not selling any donuts any time soon. Watching a reporter get swept out to sea is--- trust me--totally unnecessary. 

As for the fabulous YouTube video, I'm not sure which was more hilarious, the half naked guys running through his feed or him standing out there chastizing others. Irony you are a cruel, cruel mistress. 


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Carolyn said...

I'd love to see - for a fun change - the same weathermen stand out on an asphalt parking lot in the Southwest when we're having one of our record heat waves. Guess that won't win them any local Emmys though...