Sunday, August 28, 2011

Etsy Loved and Found: The Sunday Montage

Pretty Little Pastel
day 100

Sometimes you just want to bury yourself in a pile of pastels. Things that bespeak soft and pretty; things that evoke childhood and the lightness of innocence. The palest yellow and the most ivory of cream clouds, blues and pink hues will guide you there. Just float. (links below)

Love these things? Find the artists and artisans here at the Etsy shops:

Bridal Hat with Bird
River Girls French Flapper Girl Coasters
Handpainted Wine Glasses
Yellow Bee Coin Purse
Ivory Ribboned Hat
Blue Butterfly Earrings
Folk Art Doll
Peace Earrings
Elephant Cards
Blossom Fine Art Photo

Wish to be featured? I received many weekly requests and will consider each. Comment or leave me an email.;-)

good night,


Jo James said...

Thanks for featuring our Sadie Cat!
-Dylan and Jo

Designed By Dee said...

Hearted the print at the shop - nice!