Sunday, May 22, 2011

day 2

The Heroics of Artistry

In the River Girls Studio at Daybreak
Imagine a world where every American child grows up to attend a competitive college and becomes a wealthy physician, lawyer or corporate mogul. Where all education leads to a lust for, and eventually, a scooped up, white collar job. Where students are funneled conveyor-belt style into lucrative businesses or computer technology fields.

What is wrong with this picture? If your response is, "Who will do my dry cleaning? Who will repair my car with its fully loaded electronic panels?  Hose down my mansion when it catches on fire?, you are only partially correct.  

There will be days when a florist who painstakingly plucks the most exquisite blush roses will create a bouquet that will end an argument and save your marriage--for at least another week. A stained glass artist will design a window pane whose white winged dove turns an autistic child's face to the sunlight, and a gifted photographer who sees thing you cannot, will take the last photo you'll ever have of your aging parents. Your father will be smiling though he so rarely did.  

None of this will happen because of medical school degrees or lawyers or Wall Street. But it will happen, and that will be good.


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